Business cards, folded leaflets, flyers, postcards, booklets, programmes not to mention banners, posters, stickers and t-shirts. With loads of online print services to choose from, print is thriving and it’s cool. I can provide you with print-ready files for any commercial printer’s specifications. Let me know what you’re after…I might have some ideas you hadn’t thought of.


Many projects require an updated, high-resolution logo file that can be used in print, that will scale up and down without loss of quality and that can be placed on different backgrounds and still look great. As part of the project, I usually produce black, white and greyscale versions too. Are your logo files up to scratch for every situation?


Pictures in print must be high resolution to look their best. Sometimes it’s just easiest if you can ask the designer to take them. From photographing small objects on white backgrounds to scanning, repairing and tinting old photographs to sourcing images to buy, a good designer will help you find what will work for your project.